Advanced Nutrition for Pets

Using the best of British ingredients

Fresh meat and
just the good bits

We use human grade meat in both meat and meat-meal form, and our recipe has been honed to palatable perfection. We guarantee that we DO NOT USE BY‑PRODUCTS as a meat substitute.

Totally naturally preserved

No artificial colours or flavours, preserved naturally and simply with vitamins E and C and rosemary extract.

Omega 3+6
Miracle Oils

All of our recipes have added salmon oil, chicken fat and linseed, for a real boost of Omega 3 & 6 for a glossy coat as well as healthy heart and brain function.

Hypoallergenic Formula

More is very easy to digest because it’s rich in high quality chicken meat and is corn and wheat gluten free. It’s highly unlikely to trigger any food allergies.

I have been feeding this for nearly a year and it has improved his skin and coat so much. also with the added joint care he is able to run around a lot more.

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+First Steps Chicken All Breeds

+First Steps Chicken Large Breeds

+Support Chicken Small Breeds

+Support Chicken All Breeds

+Digestion Chicken With Oats All Breeds

+Condition Lamb All Breeds

+Support Chicken Large Breeds

+Lighter Chicken All Breeds

+Senior Chicken All Breeds

+Senior Chicken Large Breeds

Kitten Chicken

Adult Light Chicken

Adult Hairball Chicken

Senior Chicken

Adult Chicken

Adult Salmon

Adult Lamb

Adult Oral Care Chicken

+Support Turkey

+Support Lamb

+Support Salmon & Trout

+Support Turkey

+Support Lamb

+Support Salmon & Trout